"With "Fragile", "Out There" and "20 years", Shady Lane has managed to create a set of magnificently atmospheric songs" MusicFromNL

"Shady Lane's debut album "Between Two" is surprisingly strong. The band makes authentically fresh and artistic music that steers somewhere between the chaos of metal and the serenity of the universal ballad without belonging to a specific style." OJE Music

Shady Lane

Alternative rock band Shady Lane has its origins in Makkinga, a small village in the south east of Friesland (Holland). Since 2000 the band has been focussing on its own songs exclusively. Energetic tension build-ups, melancholy, surprising melodies and dynamic are keywords for this rock band.

Remy Tjassing - Zang/Gitaar
Hans Elmers - Gitaar (sinds 2012)
Roland Bosma - Drums
Piet Tjassing - Bas

The last EP, "Closer", recorded at Lucan studio and produced by Hans Elmers, is one step closer to their wish to one day release a true "full length". Closer is more accessible than its predecessor: the compositions are more elaborate, the structure of the songs more to the point, and the production is loud but transparent. To intensify the songs even more, it was the bands first experiment with the keyboard.

This experiment was so pleasing that the guys decided to enroll a keyboard player. Thijs Kooi broke the trinity and joined the dark sons of Shady Lane in December 2007. Following an exultant start, musical differences started to raise their head after only a few months. The collaboration stagnated and after friendly deliberation both parties decided to go their separate ways. Back to three it is!

The search for a new keyboardist was postponed, and the focus redirected to recording the first full length. Thus "Between two" was recorded, counting 9 songs. The guitar is supported now and then by kitschy soundscapes that breath new life into the Shady Lane sound. The embellishments come from the chimeras of our producer and mental sponsor Hans Elmers. Where would we be without him?

Not so long ago, the band has come to an important decision: they still dream of sold out venues, fainting and stripping groupies, endless tours and killer contracts, but they will continue down the same musical road. If this road does not lead to said scenario, then so be it!

  • How long - 2000 (studio P&R, Grolloo)
  • Hole - 2002 (studio Lucan, Winsum)
  • Holy Ground - 2005 (studio Lucan, Winsum)
  • Closer - 2007 (studio Lucan, Winsum)
  • Between two - 2009 (studio Lucan, Winsum)